Hi, I'm Roland.
I'm a student, an
app/web designer
and developer.

About me

My name is Roland Horváth, I’m a student from Sopron, Hungary. I do app/web development and design. I mostly work on personal projects, but I also do freelance work. I’ve been interested in programming since I was 9 and I’ve got into app development 3 years ago. My passion has not stopped ever since.
I spend all my freetime and holidays working on projects and learning new programming languages and technologies. I also love doing photography, motion graphics, running and video editing.


  • Making apps for iOS and Android
  • Designing apps, websites,
    products, brands and icons
  • Building professional websites
  • Creating CMSs and dashboards
  • Developing RESTful JSON APIs
  • Managing databases and Git
  • Learning new things quickly
  • Unity C#
  • Swift
  • PHP, MySQL
  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere Pro

My work

All projects

Awards and achievements


Intel ISEF 2017

Los Angeles, CA

4th prize

Oracle Young Talent Award

Oracle Hungary (2017)


Future Makers International Award

Liberty Global, CoderDojo (2017)

2nd prize

EUCYS 2016

Brussels, Belgium



Apple, Inc.

Scholarship winner


Invited to SMART 2017


Future Makers Hungarian Award

UPC Hungary (2017)

1st prize

Exhibitor at Researcher's Night 2017

Ericsson Hungary Research Center, Budapest

1app App Developer Contest

Education category, Budapest (2016)

1st prize

Invited to SMART 2016


12th Neumann Software Contest

Education category (2016)

1st prize

25. Scientific and Innovation Contest for Youth

Hungarian Innovation Commision (2016)

1st prize

XVI. Scientific Student Contest

TUDOK 2016, Computer Science Section

Grand prize

<19 Freestyle Computer Contest

C3 Foundation, Budapest (2015)

1st prize

1app App Developer Contest

Education category, Budapest (2015)

1st prize

11th Neumann Software Contest

Education category (2015)

1st prize

Media publications

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As always, I’m available for hire for freelance work or projects.

If you've got a project in mind, why not
get in touch. Let's work together.